Etsy Pick Of The Week : Cat Lover

Smetimes when I go for lunch or dinner, I'll walk past an orange stray cat that is always sleeping. I began to notice her but she is never awake. Sometimes she lazed on the ledge of the bank teller, sometimes she lazed on the pavement but most of the time she is there. One night after my dinner, I purposely walked over to find her and for the first time I saw her awake. She was such a little pink-nose cutie walking over to me rubbing against my leg to show affection.

After that night, she was gone, I was feeling sad and missing her even though she's a stray. It was my last time seeing her. Anyway, this week I have picked a few cat related items of my likings, are there any of your likings too?

Etsy like

1. Embroidered Kitty Flats  //  2. Cat Faces - Water Transfer Nail Sticker  //  3. Lemonade Kitty With 70s Rose Vintage Illustrated Large Plate  //  4.  Cat Paper False Eyelash  //  5. Personalized cat - cat pillow //  6. Three Sneaky Cats Womens Black Leggings  //  7. The Cat Flag Liner  //  8. Cat felt wool hand paw Magnet  //  9.  How to make Felted Cat Caves eBook Tutorial pdf

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