**** 251213 ****

How are you celebrating today?
I have eaten some mini log cakes ...
Currently listening to some music ...
 Waiting to rip open all my presents ...
Maybe I should have a night stroll down Orchard Road ...
This is my 2013 Christmas !

Shop 【 Let's Buy Local, In Singapore 】

Do you ever dread of going to shop in town during December or maybe towards the last few days of Christmas? I do and hated to queue, being pushed and need to fight the crowds in the cashier or taxi stand  >.<
To ease your shopping spree this year, here's a list of the local designers and shops added to last year shop lists that you can shop without having to leave the house and you will find it useful especially we are now counting down to 12 days to Christmas :D

Have fun shopping !

The Damn Good Shop - I been following their instagram for a while and the limited editions produce from Goodstuph are always so catchy. The physical shop only open once a month so it would be easier to shop online.


When I was Four - This shall not be a stranger if you often visit Public Garden Flea. Their designs of old school snacks and toys are hard to resist buying. If you are looking for bigger items, they do have Food cushions and Five Stone plushies (the old school triangular milk pack is my favourite).


Cara Cara - Instagram is somewhere where I first discovered Cara Cara. Cara Cara’s very first collection of wearables titled “me-dal” necklaces are synonymous with ideas evolving from everyday lives. The chunky necklaces made of different materials and patterns are so versatile for all styles.


Mmerci Encore - I first started to follow Alli Sim, the founder of Mmerci Encore on her instagram. what make me noticed the artisanal products was the packaging initially but each product is infused with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils of uncompromising quality so why not support some quality stuffs especially if you are giving them as gifts for your loved ones.
Democratic Society from Supermama - 5 talented illustrators in Singapore was invited to create illustrations that are re-produced on a series of 5 cups by the 400 year-old ceramic maker KIHARA. Every cups tells a story, I can't really selected which cups I like best from the "From Another Time / εΎžζ–°ζ™‚ε…‰" series. If cups are out of your selection, there are always Tea towels from Dawn Ng "Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here", they are my personal favourites.

Stelliyah - I happened to chance upon this brand during a shopping trip in Standard of Living. I love the concept of the Wish Bracelet "Make a wish as you tie this bracelet. When the bracelet falls off, your wish is ready to come true..." and this shall be my main Christmas presents for most of my friends to show some support in jewelry and accessories handcrafted and designed in Singapore.
The Little Drom Store - The creative couples need no introduction, from Kopitiam favourites to Playground Series, Kiddy Rides, Little Pasta Series to Origami Series, is so hard not to like or buy anything.


Small And Able - Started as an online shop and in flea markets, the lovely pair finally open their retail shop this year in Peninsula Shopping Centre.  I love their range of stationery and lifestyle wares but of course not to be miss are these The Birdy Girls Brooches and Everyday Coasters.

The Fingersmith Press  - First noticed their quirky postcards at Small And Able. Since I am so involve in postcrossing, I feel that it is so difficult to buy quality postcards in Singapore. Finally a new letterpress printing studio based in Singapore, specialising in hand lettering and illustration. Cheers to Happy Postcrossing !

(All Images are via respective brands)

2013 .... The Christmas Pop Up Store

Are you a sucker for Flea Market and Pop-up Store? I am and is so difficult to resist not going any especially December is the month for shopping. I hope that you'll still remember about my visit to The Christmas Pop-up Store last year where I burnt a big hole in my pocket. If you have miss it last year, here's the good news "THE CHRISTMAS POP-UP STORE" is here again!
Time to start shopping, join in some workshops and soak up in the Christmas atmosphere this Saturday 14 Dec from 1 - 9pm. Wondering which vendors will be there, do check it out here & here for more information.

18 Cross Street, China Square Central, B1-05