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I would need to prepare many birthday presents for the coming few months and this year I would like to buy local and support more of the local designers. The list I've prepared earlier on during christmas but becos of the hectic schedule, I didn't post it on time so now would be a perfect opportunity to show you more of what I like. Of course, they are more than these few that I've posted so if you need to buy present for your friends, family or foreign friends, do consider the local brands. 

Have Fun Shopping !

(All Images are via respective brands)


The Little Dröm Store

1. The Sounds Of Singapore - Buah Some Kaya for me can? "Drinking Glasses"  // 2. The Playground Series - The Dragon Badge  // 3. I Don’t Friend You - Canvas Totes


Love Sg

1. Fine City Badge Set  // 2. I Love Laksa tee  // 3. Assemble Your Singapore tee


Hansel // Hello Hansel

1. Hello Hansel Big Puffin Fitted Knit Dress  // 2. Hello Hansel Kueh Lapis Cardigan / Pleated Culottes  // 3. Hello Hansel Retro Swimsuit Top


WhenIWasFour 小时候

1. Old School Snack Badges  // 2. Huat Kueh Canvas Tote  // 3. Exercise Book Cushion  // 4. Bread Notebook with Postcard



1. 行百里 半九十 The Last Ten Miles Hanky  // 2. 好汗要吃眼前虧 Be A Hero. Take Some Chance. Hanky  // 3. 莫忘初衷 Don't Forget What You're Fighting For Hanky


Ang Gu Kueh Girl

1. Ang Ku Kueh Girl Tote and Wristlet  // 2. Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Singa Folder  // 3. Ang Ku Kueh Girl meets Singa, the Courtesy Lion Notebook



1. Chapalang Tote Bag by Singapore Souvenirs  // 2. Ais Gem Magnets by Winston Chai  // 3. Choy Charm (Necklace) by Singapore Souvenirs  // 4. Kopitiam Mug (Red) by Singapore Souvenirs


Mimi Pong

1. A Bird of II Feathers: White/Grey Canvas Tote  // 2. The Shape of Things to Come Pouches  // 3. Sketch of a Swan- Grazing Mute Swan Necklace



1. The Goodman Series - Owls  // 2. Abominable snowman plant pot



The photos are of the Story of Brooch collection but sorry they are already out of stock. Browse through their website for more.

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