Recently I've been looking through for many home inspiration and when I chanced upon MUJI meets IDÉE, I wish I was staying in one of those house. The project was created by MUJI X IDÉE, two Japan's popular design stores in 2010. The ‘case studies’ filled with many quirky items and ideas for small spaces inspired me especially case 5 was my favourite of all, scroll through the beautiful images and you shall know why :)

(Photos are property of  MUJI meets IDÉE)

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Camila Faria said... [Reply]

This is gorgeous. I wish I could live inside these amazing pics.

Sewon said... [Reply]

Lovely, lovely photos! It's such an inspiring for home-searching and hopefully, soon, decorating. :)

Vivian said... [Reply]

@Camila Faria Oh Yes I totally agreed and wish that I could have such a place too

Vivian said... [Reply]

@Sewon Muji never fails to surprise and I hope to see your decorating soon. I enjoyed reading your blog, the content and photos are great.

Jiayi Ng said... [Reply]

love the brilliant mix of plants, flowers and wood!

Vivian said... [Reply]

@Jiayi Ng me too, would love to have all these :)