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Take your time and scroll through Jiayi.Ng @Startbreathing instagram feed and you'll be as attracted to her feeds as me. Her most recent photos are those during her trip to Melaka and you can see another side of Melaka that you might never have notice.
Taken from her blog, an excerpt from her favourite part of the "Happiness is..." article under "Joy" --

"Joy is different from happiness. Happiness, as discussed earlier on, is dependant on external circumstances, things that happen to us, for instance when I get a promotion, I am happy. Joy though, is an attitude, that even though things are not exactly going our way, we can still be joyful. It is a resilient, persevering kind of spirit accompanied by a deep sense of composure that even though I have lots of work to do and am stressed, I can still be thankful and joyful that I have a job during these difficult economic times.

Joy, the unspeakable joy, comes from a heart that is grateful and thankful for all that life has endowed for us. With thankfulness and gratitude, there is a gentle peace pervading even though we may be ruffled by some rough edges. It is a peace of mind, a peace of heart that surfaces the joy which helps us withstand the winds of adversity, and prevents us from bringing destruction to our world.

Joy to me, is that sense of wonder, that sense of blessedness when I am walking in the park, being caressed by the gentle breeze, seeing a falling leaf, watching moving clouds, a butterfly fluttering its wings, a kingfisher making a dive for a fish, a sea-eagle gliding in the horizons. Those serendipitous moments that testifies to my heart and mind that is good to be alive -- fully human, fully alive. Then, a certain joy wells up in my soul that is inexpressible and unexplainable. It is an existential joy that surges from the depths of the core of my being, where a supreme being resides, a pure joy that is lasting which is beyond mere happiness that is fleeting."

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Jiayi Ng said... [Reply]

hello there! i am truly flattered by this post. never expected it! i haven't been on blogger for almost a year and i finally got around to tweaking the template and starting anew today. saw on blogger that i've quite a number of readers who were directed from your blog, so here i am!

Vivian said... [Reply]

@Jiayi Ng Wow I didn't know there are actually reader out there following :D I really enjoy all your posts and photos so please do continue :)