365 / 2

May is gone and here is June, just 6 more months to the end of 2013. I managed to squeeze in a short trip to Bangkok on a very last minute notice with much hiccups.

Sis was finally back from her 3 months trip in US and was still telling me her little adventures there. The whole family misses her when she is not around.

x  I was so happy that Miss A Fei won the Korea Dancing With the Star 3, totally in love with her dance moves and the touching song 月亮代表我的心 she sang. Seeing so many beautiful dance moves and dresses, I've the impulse to learn dancing.

x  A friend was feeling sad about her life and many times I felt that many of us are not willing to step out from the comfort zone and trapped ourselves in daily stress that we hated. Sometimes all we need is to dare to dream and move on.

x  I've been sick for a few days and for the past few sleepless nights I been lying on the couch crying over some Korea Drama that I've watched. The songs and scenes in the drama touched me just as this song 雨是甜的 from the Malaysian Singer Bell 宇田 .

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