[ Thailand ] Nom Nom .... Too Fast To Sleep

I had a hard time finding Too Fast To Sleep, basically the taxi driver had never heard of this place and was questioning me why I had to go this empty area in midnight. I've kept asking myself am I right to insist on going but was in luck to catch a glimpse of the bright lit building next to a temple when my taxi driver was grumbling on the road.



Serving simple food menu and a wide range of drinks this is the right place for student seeking for a comfortable studying place. I was shocked to see full house on a Wednesday morning 1.30am. My sight must be failing me, this place is practically all filled with students except my companion and me. There are people sitting from the cafe, to the timber step flooring and to the al fresco on the level one of the building. All I want to say they are really a "hardworking" bunch at this time lol.

Spare some time Too Fast To Sleep in the midnight if you are a late owl like me and enjoy the huge space and beautiful interior decor in the 24/7 cafe.

754 Samyan Center
 Rama 4 Road
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel : 086-577-8989

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