Drawn To Nostalgia By Jacqueline O.

It would definitely be very interesting to start the month of November with "Drawn To Nostalgia" at The Little Dröm Store. The video shares Jacqueline personal story of how she overcame her circumstances and conceived this exhibition. 

I've started in the recent years to dig out toys and stuffs from my childhood and rediscover places I used to visit when I was young. At the same time, I'm afraid that our little red dot changes too fast for me to appreciate and look back the old and forgotten places. All the little pieces of memories do bring back much joy for myself and as I look back sometimes, I reminded myself to take a step forward to step out of that comfort zone.
The nostalgic white rabbit creamy candy and gem biscuits are just some of the available tote bag designs and do drop by the little dröm store for more. May them bring back some of your childhood memories :)
(all images via Jacqueline O.)
"Not just me but anyone else that if you want to change the situation,
change your life, all you need it just to take the first step ~ Jacqueline O"

Drawn to Nostalgia exhibition by Jacqueline O.
1 November to 30 November
The little dröm store
7 Ann Siang Hill

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