it's May !

This year have been passing by really quickly for me. I feel like many things have been done yet there are still many packed in the schedule as well. The first two month of the year was madly packed and followed by March, a rough patch month that I'm struggling with lots of emotion. April ended for many of my lovely friends with travel plans but mine ended with none at all which was quite unusual and upsetting. May came by slowly just reminded me of yellow somehow.

x Listening to Yellow by Coldplay on boring Public Holiday was such a joy.

x One of my favourite blogs, Juwind, just launched
her new website!

x Checking out on Jenna's blog post Mailbox Treats make me want to start hands on to make some crafting and post crossing.

Stanley & Ant visited J
apan, my favourite city. How I miss that place soooo much !

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