Nom Nom .... Chef Yamashita

I know I have been neglecting this space for a while but even say so, if you following me on Instagram, I am sure you will know I am still eating around :)

Chef Yamashita was one that I couldn't miss and I make my way down yesterday with my hectic schedule and squeezed it before my dental appointment (YES! I need tooth extraction). If you have visited Flor Patisserie in Duxton Hill, you would know who is Chef Yamashita.

Chef Yamashita Chef Yamashita
After Kki was no longer around, this was one cake that I misses the most. I am not a cake person but there are exceptional for Japanese Patisserie cake. Here in Chef Yamashita for their soft opening, you can find the featured new product - luna wraps of sponge cake wrapped with light crème and fresh fruits.

Chef Yamashita Chef Yamashita
Chef Yamashita Chef Yamashita

By noon all the mango luna wraps was packed by the Japanese lady that arrived slightly before me. I ordered my favourite Strawberry luna wrap and Mango rare cheese cake and to think I can finished all alone even after a heavy lunch, you can imaging how delectable they are. There is no indoor seating and only small tables outside the shop, be prepared to take away.

Blk 1 Tanjong Pager Complex
# 02-44

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