21 // 12 .... 2012 .... 2013

There's too many worries people out there.
There's too little time to spare.
There's is a need for courage and hope.
Wake Up, Move on, 11 more days to 2013.

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Cheryl Koh said... [Reply]

Hello Vivian!
I'm Cheryl, a final year sociology student at Nanyang Technological University. I'm currently doing my graduation project based on independent cafes. I would like to interview you as part of my research. I have contacted you through flickr mail. Hope to hear from you soon. You can also contact me at kohs0075@e.ntu.edu.sg. :D

Vivian said... [Reply]

Hi Cheryl,
Have replied via email, sure you can email me if you need more information. Thanks :)

Cheryl Koh said... [Reply]

Hi Vivian, you can also email me at cherylkohsh@gmail.com/kohs0075@e.ntu.edu.sg. I'm sorry for the late reply previously as I was overseas. Hope to hear from you soon! Sorry for all the trouble. Thank you! :)