Imaginary Vacation Friday

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (立山黒部アルペンルート ) located in high altitude of more than 3000 metres is my "must" vacation before I turn fifty years old. Only operating for about 7 months a year from Mid April to End November and nothing much to rave about the old fashioned Hotel Tateyama.

(image via Wikipedia)

What attract many people is that this place is located at the highest point in Japan. The panoramic view of the 3000 meter mountains at the hotel rooftop, at night where the stardust is almost seems to be within reach and Yuki-no-Otani (Snow Corridor) of about 17 metre nearby the hotel and many more beautiful views throughout the seasons, I wonder what am I waiting for ?

If you're looking for the earliest to see autumn leaves and snowing then visit Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, then make sure you plan in advance and bring the necessary for an enjoyable trip.

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