Imaginary Vacation Friday

Have you ever wonder how special would it be to spend a night in business class without having to pay the full fare. This is possible on the most entertaining concepts which is actually a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet hostel on ground in Stockholm, Sweden.  Jumbo Stay a hostel with twenty four smart dormitory-style rooms in the main deck and one double bedroom suite in the cockpit. The most interesting chill out place on board is the accessible left wing of the plane.

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Read about the history of Jumbo Stay from their website "The airplane, a decommissioned model 747-200 jumbo jet built in 1976, was last operated by Transjet, a Swedish airline that went bankrupt in 2002. It was originally built for Singapore Airlines and later served with legendary Pan Am." What sure what happened to the Singapore Airlines part, for now I only hope for a stay on board that's all.

Jumbo Stay
Jumbov├Ągen 4
SE-190 47 Stockholm Arlanda

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