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▲▲ Hello strangers | new friends and welcome to Wandering Curiocity !  
I'm Vivian living in a little sunshine island enjoying slow living and simple happiness with my love and a 13 years old dog, Mimi.

Wondering how my blog got it’s name? ▲▲▲▲  

As the name suggests, I'm a curious girl that loves wandering no matter in my city or other cities. Therefore Wandering Curiocity was started in January 2011 as an outlet to capture and catalog memories | sharing the things I fancy | appreciating the little things, people and happenings in my everyday life. Instead of curiosity I've changed it to curiocity since travelling make me happy because I know that adventure is just around the bend no matter where I am.

Wandering [won-der-ing] n
1. To move about without a definite destination or purpose 2. The act or an instance of wandering; a stroll.

Curiosity Curiocity [kyoor-ee-os-i-tee] n.
1. A desire to know or learn. 2. A desire to know about people or things that do not concern one 3. The quality of being curious 4. A strange or odd aspect.


Past ▲▲▲▲
I grew up spending alot of time with my parents walking and exploring the little red dot. I was happy but ever since working life started, I've spend many times feeling empty. Every now and then I had to remind myself that I'm alive and the choice is up to me to grow up the way I want to be.

Current ▲▲▲▲

I find much comfort in the simplicity of everyday life: cups of tea with friends, trips to the cafe for delectable cakes (I'm not a food critic), taking walks around neighborhoods alone or with friends, obsessing with things in Japan (especially zakka), making handmade crafts, searching for vintage goods and recent photography.

So what else can I tell you know about me? ▲▲▲▲
  • I'm obsessed with Japan things especially zakka and toys
  • I need at least 8 hours of sleep (best if is 12 hours)
  • I do not own a iPad and still thinking should I get one
  • I'm a berries lover, loves all type of berries
  • I enjoy tea as much as coffee
  • I've goldfish memory
  • I started postcrossing and wants to start my own postcard designing

I'm not good with words but loves to wander, snap and share my little bits and pieces and hope my blog inspire you with some noted discoveries and curiosities. Life is too short to not do what you love so have fun and live like that is no tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting my little space, if you want to say hello | any questions | suggest a new project, email me at wanderingcuriocity [at!] gmail [dot] com
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▲▲ 你好 !欢迎陌还有我的朋友来到奇梦思的漫游日志。 我是薇恩和爱人与宝贝咪咪住在北纬01°22′N 103°48′E - 新加坡。

以前 ▲▲▲▲

出生在热带小红点的我从小是在父母陪伴下漫走,成长。开始面对成人世界,有点厌倦也觉得非常空虛。 我的人生在同一天面临了生与死,我开始觉得人生很短开心与否个人是可以选择的。

现在 ▲▲▲▲

每时每日都可以放慢的欣赏受身边的微小幸福:一人享受下午茶或和朋友在咖啡馆吃喝聊天说地,与偶遇的可爱猫咪玩玩,独自随意闲逛拍拍照, 去旅行看看街景文化, 制作小手工, 搜索收集旧古董 | 玩具 | 文具 | 雑货。

希望你在我小小的世界中可以找到启发与乐趣。 一起走走看看,随手捕捉生活的点滴, 将它们浓缩成一张又一张的照片。

想了解我多点 ?▲▲▲▲
  • 喜欢茶的香味也爱咖啡的味道
  • 是完美主义
  • 漂亮的盒子和茶罐
  • 典型的天秤座喜爱美丽的东西也很痴迷雑货
  • 不善于表达

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